That’s who we are

Malgosia (flute, diatonic accordion, vocal)

Malgosia (flute, diatonic accordion, vocal)

Malgosia’s first experience with Celtic music was through a group called Open Folk, when she bought their album at the Woodstock Stop festival in 1996. She knows it by heart to this day. Malgosia loves Polish folk music. She is been with “Dair” from the beginning of its existence, playing a transverse flute and an accordion.

In professional life, Malgosia teaches voice emission and conducts a choir called A Vista in Z.B.S (Western Pomeranian Business School). Her second professional passion is interior design, where she brings to life imaginative visions from the right side of her brain.

Malgosia is also a mum to a little boy: Jasiu (2.5 years old), who loves pirates and guns. She owns a white Swiss Shepherd dog called Zima.

Sylwia (fiddle)

Sylwia (fiddle)

As soon as she had gradueted both basic and high music schools, playing for fun just began. First in a student folk ensamble called SIERMIEGI operating at the Agricultural Academy in Szczecin, then in ZPiT Szczecinianie since 2012. She likes Polish folk music, but since she spent few years working in Galway – she fell in love with the unusual sounds of Irish music. Her fascination continues to this day.
Privately the mum of two wonderful girls, one of whom is already adult. She loves laughing, riding on the highest rollercoasteries and watching cartoons.

Grzesiu (acoustic guitar, bouzouki, vocal, bombarde, fiddle)

Grzesiu (acoustic guitar, bouzouki, vocal)

Grzesiu started his adventure with music in 1995, when he joined sea-shanty playing band: Qftry.
His inspiration, when writing lyrics and composing often derives from the Celtic tunes. His interest in this kind of music and his desire to explore it deeper, initiated the creation of the group “Dair” in 2003. Grzesiu plays bouzouki, acoustic guitar, and does the vocal (occasionally also an Irish flute when there’s another guitar player).

He is truly an artist; especially when encouraged with a good drink – he can write and recite in no time. He’s the audience’s favourite in Camaret-sur-Mer.

Marek (acoustic guitar)

Marek Taudul (acoustic guitar)

Marek your adventure with music started with tourist song without omitting any opportunity to strike the strings. The interest in Irish music started from Irish sessions held periodically in Szczecin. Passionate about tourism and concerts of mainstream progressive rock music.

Jacek Marynowski (bassist)

Jacek Marynowski (bassist)

Jacek began his music career with the scout tunes during their camping trips. There were other bands later: metal trash: Idol Crusher, various trash: El Shaddai, rock: Quality, cult: Zywe kamienie.

He’s been with “Dair” from the very beginning. Jacek owns few bass guitars: 4-string Fender Jazz Bass I 5-string acoustic Ibanez. Sometimes he plays bodhran (Metloef) and Cajon (Schlagwerk). Jacek brings home musical instruments almost from every trip. Unfortunately, he’s got no time to display them. He gets his inspiration from his surroundings. Jacek shares his free time between music (not only folk), inaudible tunes, computers and the naps on the sofa.